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hey there! i'm stacy, and i can't wait to show you what's possible for you.

from corporate to confident

i've been on a journey...

what do 25 years of corporate hustle and teaching yoga on beaches have in common?



i'm stacy olsen--certified life coach, 500 hour E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher), level 3 reiki attuned, and multi-million dollar project manager for Fortune 500 companies.

more importantly, i'm a woman who goes to concerts in the park on a whim, tours museums on week days, and sips coffee slowly in the morning while watching the sun rise from the 25th floor of my downtown Chicago dream home.

but that's not always how i would have described myself.

a few years ago, i was attending a corporate gig (like i so often did on the evenings and weekends) when someone asked, "what are you doing this weekend?"

i told them i was coaching a yoga teacher training cohort, to which they responded, "oh, so you're working."

and it suddenly struck me... all i did was work...

i was so successful that i thought i was on top of the world... until i did an assessment of my life and realized that i was:

  • booked solid, and had somewhere i had to be every single night

  • working 60+ hours a week

  • on five different medications

  • drinking heavily 

i wasn't actually on top of my game... i was lost, and masking my true desires, hopes, and dreams.

i was so busy planning my life, that i forgot to live it.

i thought i was making it all happen... but i didn't actually want any of it.

so i took my life and transformed it piece by piece, through mindset work, coaching, self-reflection, and continually moving forward via each next simple step.

it's how my calendar now includes huge blocks of "inspire & be inspired" time.

it's how instead of staying busy and numb with networking and alcohol, i spend quality time with friends AND alone. 

it's how i sold my house, quit my corporate job and co-facilitated a retreat where i taught yoga on a beach in Guatemala.


i'm no longer "finding" time.

i have time.

you don't have to look for it... it's right there.


we don't have to live according to anyone's standards, values, or expectations except our own.

absolutely anything is possible...


book a call, and i will show you the next simple step that will get you exactly where you want to go.

let's do this!
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