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intuitive coaching for soul-led entrepreneurs who are ready to get shit done.

let's do this!

i'm probably not your first coach.

as a passionate, driven, motivated entrepreneur within your business and community, i know that you've been at this for awhile.


so here's the plain and honest truth.

most coaching is designed to hold a creative space, improve your mindset, and help you overcome fear. 

and we absolutely need all those things--the problem is that mindset work doesn't necessarily convert into getting things done.

so how do you even know where to start with this massive to-do list?


that's where i come in. because maybe you've tried coaching before, but...

i'm the coach who's going to finally clean up your list, hold you accountable, and get shit done.


my unique approach combines the best of
structured, organized corporate coaching
with intuitive, heart-centered authenticity.

  • can you imagine sitting down with your coach and feeling calm and confident about your next steps forward instead of lost and overwhelmed?

  • can you envision a life where you're no longer finding time? you have time. time for yourself, time to dream, AND your to-do list is still getting to-done.

  • can you imagine having an expert eye on your schedule--something based in strategy and intuition rather than flying by the seat of your pants?

no more long lists with unmet, "due yesterday" deadlines.

no more nights spent stressed and worried about your next presentation or important call, because you have a plan.

no more second guessing yourself.

no more feeling overwhelmed by big picture choices in your business--you'll always have someone to bounce ideas off.

no more feeling alone at the top.

there IS a way forward... and it's simpler than you think.

are you ready to take the first step?

yes, please!

here's how it works

we begin with the end - what do YOU want for your business, for your life? what is your WHY -- your absolute heart's desires and wildest dreams?

stacy olsen coach walking

step 1 : envision & dream

together we'll explore where you are now. we'll take a look at the mindsets, processes, resources, and systems that are bringing you success or holding you back. 

step 2 : excavate & explore

once we know what is and isn't working, we begin to fill in the gaps. we'll determine how far (or close!) you are from reaching your goals; what you can simplify, delegate, or release; and how to build on the success and momentum that got you this far already. you'll gain new tools and resources and be supported by various coaching modalities every step of the way!

step 3 : fill in the gaps

this isn't your mother's to-do list. this is a high-powered, strategically crafted list of exactly what you need to bring step 1 into being. you'll have help with tasks, project management, outsourcing, and any delegation that may be required to get you where you're ready to be.

step 4 : make a list

you're going to be grateful for what you've accomplished, learn from what has held you back, and get out of your own way! every time we meet we'll pick something laughably simple for you to check as "to-done".   

step 5 : way forward

stacy olsen chicago yoga

others do not dictate or control your life.
you do.

from this point forward, the only voice that matters is your own.

reclaim my sovereignty

i believe everything is a choice. 

there are no bounds to what you can do, where you can go, or how you can feel...

it's how i've set myself apart.

i spent 25 years in the corporate world managing multi-million dollar projects and working with the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies. 

i had it all worked out. i was going to work in corporate for the rest of my life until the magical day came that i could finally retire and teach yoga on the beach.

but in 2018, everything changed...

in 2018 i invested my time, energy, and money in a coach that shifted my "teach yoga on the beach" timeline forward by 20 years.


in 2019 i attended a retreat in Bali, sold my house, and left my corporate job to start my own yoga/coaching business.


and then in February 2020, i hosted my first yoga retreat on the beaches of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 

my life's timeline shifted up by TWO DECADES.

n two short years i had everything i'd been dreaming of and wanting.

stacy olsen teaching

and i will help you do it too.

stacy olsen singing bowl

from jobless to Justice of the Peace...

when i first met Chris he was living in the country, doing odd-jobs around town and feeling stuck in the cycle of not being able to find work to support himself or move forward. 

he came to me for yoga teacher training, took our coaching seriously, and with his odd-jobs and teaching yoga, was able to move to the city with his girlfriend (now wife). 

the next time i saw Chris was at a networking event for potential city municipal candidates, and there he was, considering running for Justice of the Peace.

the next day he told me that seeing me there solidified his decision. Chris ran for Justice of the Peace in 2018... and he won.

In only a few short years, Chris' life had been completely transformed.

how long are you willing to wait for your own transformation?

your dream life and passion doesn't have to be going to Bali or teaching yoga on the beach.


it can be: 

  • going to the museum on a thursday morning

  • not having to rush through coffee because you start work at 9

  • being home when your kids get back from school

  • taking a nap whenever you choose

  • going to brunch with friends on a weekday

  • having time to make dinner

  • more time with your partner


THESE can be your big dream!

stacy olsen sitting

everything you desire is only a step away...

what the hell are you waiting for?

let's shift dreams into reality

what's included

here's everything you're getting when we work together.

  • intuitive executive coaching with modalities, tools, & resources that are custom tailored to you, your experience, and your business

  • 75-minute on-boarding & quarterly strategy/plan calls

  • weekly 50-minute call to check-in, review strategy, and real time accountability to work on lists & goals to determine your next simple step forward

  • availability M-F 10 am to 4 pm CT via email and messaging

  • additional ad-hoc calls as needed

  • 1-hour of project management & task completion/week

  • a strategic plan & to-do list that gets you from point A to point B to point C etc

  • big picture goal setting & visioning

  • accountability & space-holding exactly when you need it most

let's chat

a better life is just a step away.

Stacy is the perfect coach for any woman who has lived her life questioning her own decisions and seeking validation. She is truly gifted at helping these women look inward and align their decisions with their beliefs rather than the beliefs of others. She builds confidence through her compassionate and thoughtful presence.

Kerin M.
The Wild-Hearted Mystic

Stacy has been an instrumental part of building my new (and third!) business. She is not only an organizational expert, but she is a true accountability partner and creative thinker. Her experience and wisdom has kept me on target and on track, and as a result the business has already doubled since launching in January 2023.

Rebekah Iliff
Author & Producer

The best takeaway from my coaching with Stacy is  my change in mentality. I see things in a more positive light, I treat myself more kindly, and I have more self-awareness than when I started. Life will always be imperfect, but I learned that I can always pause to examine my attitude and adjust my outlook.

Christopher L.
Justice of the Peace

Stacy has always been a confidant, a trusted advisor, a person who provided me the feedback I needed to hear to be successful. Without [Stacy] I'm not sure I would have taken the step necessary to start my venture. I tested my niche business idea out on her. I asked her thoughts on potential names of companies. I walked her through how I'd prioritize investments and product releases. I don't think she's aware how often her advice/counsel shaped my decision making, approach to leading my teams, and eventually my professional future.

Shawn D.
Founder, Wayfarer Brand

take one simple action now

living a life you love, on your own terms, starts with one step forward

your investment


(4 month minimum)

additional project management and task completion hours can be purchased at the rate of $88/hour.

how easy can you let this be?

take the first step now
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