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strategic, task-oriented coaching for entrepreneurial and personal development


all you have to do is take your next simple step.

here's my not-so-secret, secret... life is built on laughably small forward momentum.

you're passionate, driven & motivated, but even on your best day you can struggle to get it together sometimes.


it's so easy to get stuck in the "shoulds," stuck in societal programming, or stuck in inaction.

i can tell you from personal experience that being stuck almost inevitably leads to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed...


seriously, do you ever just feel like life is too messy to move forward?

stacy olsesn

then get ready to feel like anything and everything is possible.

i'm stacy olsen, the intuitive coach and strategic project manager who's going to get you organized, taking action, and pushing your passions forward.

i spent 25+ years in the corporate world managing multi-million dollar projects and working with the C-suites of Fortune 500 companies and here's what I learned:

many of the world's largest, most successful companies aren't run very efficiently. 

there are many ways to get from A to B and work-arounds are temporary.

find a damn solution. 

if you've been running your business or your life on work-arounds, they're only going to take you so far before you're forced to find a solution.

Enter moi !


here are just of the few of the ways that we can work together.



maybe you've hired a coach before, but i can almost guarantee you've never hired a coach like me.

don't mistake my intuitive approach to executive leadership coaching for flowy, fluffy inaction.


we're here to get shit done.


if you're ready for next level support and a to-do list that gets to-done, then click below and read on!

stacy olsen coaching

personal development

stacy olsen timeline healing

one of my passions lies in guiding people to their full potential. i do this by working 1:1 with anyone facing life shifts who are yearning to find their ludivine ("divine light").


my personal development services include being an ear to listen, hand to hold, or occasional nudge to move forward with major life changes, using the tools of yoga as a foundation.

learn more about your own ludivine life and my personalized coaching for your mind, body, heart, and soul by clicking the link below.

i know what it's like to be in your own way.

stacy olsen bali

i spent most of my life without the confidence to make decisions or take the smallest steps towards progress on my goals and passions. 

learning to break free of the programming that was keeping me stuck became my life's work, my purpose.


through my own practice of awareness and investing in years of therapy, coaches, and a variety of healing modalities, i was able to bring answers to the surface. 


i began to verbalize, separate truth from illusion and, most importantly, break down my goals to reasonable tasks and fully accomplish them. 


i learned to SHINE. and I can't wait to help you do the same. you can read more about my story here...

a better life is just a step away.
are you ready?

spoiler: the answer is YES!

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